About Us

Behind the Tay Mona’e Brand

Tay Mona’e Clothing and Accessories is an online retail clothing company founded in 2020. After 18 years in the corporate world of finance, I decided to finally pursue my passion to become an entrepreneur. I was nervous and excited, but with the support and encouragement from both my family and close friends, I took the leap.

My leap landed into the world of Leggings. “I Love Leggings “. I always had the need to feel comfortable and fashionable at the same time.  Every chance I get, I will slip into a pair and dress it up with a cute top, blazer, Kimono, a hot pair of shoes and of course hoop earrings.

I knew I had to zone in on the craze because women are wearing leggings everywhere. Even in the workplace it has become more acceptable.

Women love the comfort, easy slip on, freedom of movement and versatility in wearing them from the boardroom, classroom and finally to the dance floor

What is amazing is that Men and women both find this clothing very fascinating and the reason are due to.

1.Leggings give a nice lift.

2.Leggings support the perfect shape

3.Leggings brings out the legs

4.The behind looks great with leggings

5.Leggings have the ability to help almost everyone of different sizes

6.Leggings encourages women to be fit

7.Leggings brings out a better attitude

8.Leggings are for all type of weather

9.Tummy tuck magic

10.Leggings are fashionable

11.Are super seductive